March 22, 2021

79. What are the Spiritual Practices?

79. What are the Spiritual Practices?


Welcome to episode 79 where we talk about 'What are the Spiritual Practises also known as Disciplines.... and others call Discipleship. In this episode we expose what they are and why they might be important to regularly do.


1. Prayer and Fasting

2. Meditation and worship

3. Confession

4. Rest and sabbath

5. Study of the Bible



1. Simplicity

2. Solitude

3. Submission

4. Service - Worship with out hands



1. Confession

2. Worship together

3. Guidance and wisdom with others

4. Celebrating and rejoicing.

5. Commitment to a Christian Family.



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Cris Rogers is a church leader at and Director of Making Disciples. For more information check out

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