September 14, 2020

58. God, Gill Gates And The Greatest Conspiracy Theory

Episode 58 - God, Gill Gates And The Greatest Conspiracy Theory.


With the growth of online accessibility, Christianity can be a breeding ground for fundamentalism and conspiracy theories that fit within our Christian framework. Within this framework, these lies can look more convincing and the devil loves it.

Paul tells us that we need to be able to distinguish between the spirits - the spirit of truth and the spirit of lies and deception. In this Internet era conspiracy theories and lies have become more dangerous and prevalent. We are bombarded with fake news so much we can start to question even the fabric of reality and this is where it gets dangerous.

How do we wisely discern what we are reading, hearing or watching?



  1. Through SCRIPTURE
  2. Through TRADITION
  3. Through REASON
  4. And wise council.


Cris Rogers is a church leader at and Director of Making Disciples. For more information check out

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