March 16, 2020

36. Interview with Dr Stephen Backhouse and what is ‘theology’.

Episode 26 from Season 2 titled: Interview with Dr Stephen Backhouse and what is 'theology'.


For a long time theology (The study of God) has been taught in education centres and colleges. But good 'thinking about God' should be housed in the local church. In this interview, we talk with Stephen about what is theology and why the local church needs to reimagine how it teaches people. We can all be practical theologians, yes even those of us who would say we aren't academic.


Dr Stephen Backhouse is the director and primary teacher of Tent. He is an international speaker and teacher. For over two decades he has been delivering real theology to thousands of Christians around the world in churches, universities, schools, festivals, political party conferences, youth camps, newspapers, magazines, television and podcasts.

Stephen has a doctorate from the University of Oxford and multiple master’s degrees from McGill University in Montreal and Oxford, where he also did his undergraduate studies in philosophy and theology.


Cris Rogers is a church leader at and Director of Making Disciples. For more information check out




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