February 24, 2020

33. Interview with Cathy Madavan, Resilience and Jazz

Episode 33 from Season 2 titled: Interview with Cathy Madavan, Resilience and Jazz

Cathy and Cris speak about resilience and how to keep going when things are tough. Why do some people seem to throw themselves into every opportunity, bouncing back from every setback? Is this irrepressible spirit just for the hyper-motivated? How do the rest of us live courageously, relate authentically and develop resilience?






Cathy is a popular speaker, valued for her humour, vulnerability and wisdom, who travels extensively, predominantly in the UK but also further afield. She has been speaking with Care for the Family on their regular national tours for over 10 years. She contributes regularly to events such as Spring Harvest and New Wine; she also speaks at leadership conferences, events and churches throughout the year. She is a writer, and a personal coach. Cathy serves on the board of the Kyria Network (a network of women in leadership/women of influence).


Cris Rogers is a church leader at Allhallowsbow.org.uk and Director of Making Disciples. For more information check out wearemakingdisciples.com

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