February 3, 2020

31. Friendship and loneliness with Frederik Svinth

Episode 31 from Season 2 titled: Friendship and loneliness with Frederik Svinth

Our society is more connected than ever but feel more disconnected than ever. In this conversation, we talk about friendship and loneliness, the effects and what we can do to be more connected in a deep way. Frederik is such a beautiful and deep disciple of Jesus who always encourages me when I speak with him.


SNAK, a conversation tool for creating meaningful conversations. https://www.snakspil.dk/


Frederik's podcast on loneliness:


The Power of One: https://www.amazon.com/Power-One-Theological-Reflections-Loneliness/dp/1606085492?fbclid=IwAR2XjZ_gI0RBct2ZbaAKw7-cEThEw-8ADNC_igUQRUwI5jhvaKE8AszxxK4



Frederik Svinth is a phenomenal Danish creative. With his wife and kids, he has recently moved out of the city of Aarhus to a small town for the purpose of living lives connected to their neighbours. He makes a living by doing talks about Friendship, Loneliness and community. He's a regular columnist in different Danish Newspapers.


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